Changing plans and showing photos

Life is a Journey…

And sometimes when you think you’re ready to set off down the road, you decide to sit it out and put your car in the shop first.

I’m talking, of course, about my planned Road Trip. About 10 hours after I announced it on here, we decided to cancel. Instead, my dad flew out and back to Florida today, and we both decided the trip will happen at a later date… hopefully :)

A couple updates on this end of things:

I’ve posted a new entry on The Taiwan Drift. It includes pictures. Here’s one that gives you an idea, but didn’t quite make the cut. (Consider it from the B-Sides Reel…)
Car Lexi 1You can see the rest here.

Also, @Kelvin over at DaretoThinkDreamDo asked me to guest post! Check it out :)

Next week, I’ll be featuring different faces from the Drifter Community. Leave a comment if you know this handsome mug:

(Picture found on Flickr)

(Picture found on Flickr)

(more to come)


6 thoughts on “Changing plans and showing photos

  1. andhari says:

    Is that your puppy? Almost as blond as you!LOL

  2. floreta says:

    i couldn’t figure out where your guest post is!!

  3. Sebastian says:


    More than a bit scary to see my face on someone else’s feed in Google Reader…

    *slightly nervous anticipation abounds*

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