Launch Day

DriftOver the past several weeks, I’ve been working on a new home for The Drift. Because my Journey in Taiwan is over, I knew that I must take my blogging elsewhere. I’m stoked to announce, it’s finding its home at BUT, the real is still in the works. In the mean time, I’ve created a this site to be my temporary holding spot.

Basically, this is not quite yet “The Drift 2.0″… In all honesty, it’s more like “The Drift, 1.5”

Later today, I’m leaving for my next journey. It’s a bit shorter – I’ll imagine around three weeks time in all – and it’s a bit more domestic – won’t be drifting abroad this time. If you care to follow along with me, the only place to get the full story is here (or, in a conversation with me).



Also, if we haven’t done so already, Let’s connect on Twitter. My direct messages are on, so when you add me to your list, drop me a line. I’ll be on the road and might not have consistent internet access, but I will be updating through my Tweets.

I’m looking forward to this next step in our journey together. In addition to updating you about my new set of travels, my first batch of posts will be showcasing some of my fellow bloggers who have made the Drift Community possible. Anticipate that launching next week.

If you see any glaring obvious errors, or anything I’m lacking, anytime throughout this transition process, let me know. I know I’m not perfect. You reminding me won’t crush my spirit. Honest :)

Oh, and one more thing. Be sure you Subscribe to The Drift to keep up-to-date with all my posts. You can also Subscribe to The Drift by Email.

Thanks again for drifting along with me. More to come.


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