A Domestic Drifter?

View from the Road: A California Sunset

View from the Road: A California Sunset

In the US, I have two homes. Homebase is the place I grew up in: Suburbia, CA. But I have another home in Florida. At the moment, my dad is working out there, but he’s taken about three weeks off to welcome me home. This week, he’s going back and he decided to let me come along.

We’ll be driving there together; a trip that should last 4-5 days. Our plan is to stop in Colorado to see my grandpa (his dad), and after a night or so, drive straight (24hr trek) to New Orleans. We’ll spend our day there in the city, eating po-boys and beignets. After successfully gorging ourselves on authentic Cajun cuisine, we’ll finish the trip with an overnight-run to Southwest Florida. That’s the plan anyways. And plans change.

For example, we were supposed to leave tonight at midnight. That’s not going to happen. And that’s okay. It’s all a part of the gettin there.

But once we do get there, I plan to spend a week or so in Florida visiting friends, kayaking, and enjoying the Taiwan-esque humidity.

After that, I’ll return home in the family wagon. This time, flying solo. Three years ago, I made the same trek with two of my best friends. We had an incredible time, and I’m sure this trip will stir some dust off of a story or two worth sharing here (if you ask politely).

Driving alone will be a whole new animal. But I’m looking forward to it. Really. Maybe it’s a year of riding in the back of the bus alone, or traveling solo to places like Hong Kong or Thailand, but the idea of conquering the road on my own excites me.



Our actual departure date is not yet set in stone, but I’ll be sure to update from the road best I can. If we haven’t yet, let’s connect on Twitter, or click the bio page for my facebook and email.

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6 thoughts on “A Domestic Drifter?

  1. Dianna A says:

    Hey friend –

    If you take I20 on the way back instead of 10, you’ll go within an hour and a half of me – 20 passes through Ft. Worth, which is just north of where I am. Just throwing that out there!

    Have a great trip, and I’ll get to work on that “Best Of” Radiohead CD for you. ;)


  2. andhari says:

    Oooh road trip! Geez Chase, I wish I was you just traveling around and never really stick in one place for too long haha lucky guy! you have so much to see :)

  3. Jessie says:

    Always so deep.

    (Please share your road trip stories).

  4. Amanda says:

    When I first returned from my sojourn in France I immediately (well, as soon as the worst of the jet lag was shaken off) embarked upon a solo cross-country road trip from where my car had been living while I was overseas (Pennsylvania) to my homeland (California/Oregon). It was a long trip, especially after months of not being behind the wheel of a car. Still, the days with only the open road before me were priceless. It was one of those experiences I didn’t know that I needed (to transition, process, what have you) until I was in the midst of it.

    Happy adventuring!

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